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  • Wood Handbook - Wood as Engineering Material | Wood | Lumber

    Wood In Building and Bridges StructuralCompositeLumber 11—1 Light-Frame Buildings 16—1 Glulam 11—3 Post-Frameand Pole Buildings 16-4 Glued MembersWith Lumberand Log Buildings 16-6 Panels 11—12 Heavy Timber Buildings 16-6

  • CFZ: Daily News: 37 spotted seal pups rescued from China traffickers r

    wild in northern China. Humane Society International says the pups were discovered three months ago by police in a shed on a remote farm in the northern city of Dalian, many of them starving and dying. Eight suspects were

  • CFZ: Daily News: Rare bumblebee to get boost from bilberries in cages

    Sunday, 5 May 2019 Rare bumblebee to get boost from bilberries in cages By on in cages. Conservationists and volunteers have planted 1,000 bilberry bumblebee in its Peak District stronghold. The bilberries, which flower in

  • cap-money - definition and meaning

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  • money-land - definition and meaning

    basin sale tenement Gresham's law cha-ching gallon land office vandemonian shelter pole pogy moneymaking cash in hand tilth put down play custom dollar belize dollar barbados dollar bank withdrawal baht bahamian dollar alms

  • CFZ: Daily News: Conservationists Discover Hidden Diversity in Ancient

    Wednesday, 22 May 2019 Conservationists Discover Hidden Diversity in only in the Seychelles, showing that those on each island have their own All four species are in the top 50 of ZSL's (Zoological Society of London)

  • CFZ: Daily News: Scientists warn bloodsucking worms found in Florida r

    Wednesday, 1 May 2019 Scientists warn bloodsucking worms found in Florida country in a matter of years. Dr. Terence Farrell said that while he was found in pythons in South Florida – but now that they are in Central

  • APRONYMS: A Propos Re-stressing Of Notions Your Meaning Shares

    Categories Random Alphabetical Forums Contributors About Search in: Apronyms The apronym itself, . '' Expansions The as in the category listings RECENT APRONYMS Perfect Apronyms Only All Apronyms ANGELS IN AMERICA A[IDS] Nixes Gays, Effects Lascerate Survivors In N'york.

  • Full text of NEW

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  • CFZ: Daily News

    In the heart of the Dzanga-Sangha wildlife reserve in western Central African Republic, the Pygmy hunter is Lying on the flanks of the Sangha River, the 4,000-square-kilometre (1,500-square-mile) park, created in 1990, is the CAR

  • Dance Artist Info - Dance News Archive 2008

    The first single and the following album will be released in Spring 2009Trackitdown is donating all profits from the sale of these tracks to the and Mark Alston Vocal Remix) New from Pole Folder feat. Shelley Harland is

  • CFZ: Daily News: UN environment warning: 10 key points and what Austra

    role in the extinction crisis Calla Wahlquist Tue 7 May 2019 BSTLast 01 BST A devastating new UN report shows the planet is in serious danger Terrestrial native species have declined in abundance by 20% since 1990

  • CFZ: Daily News: Colombian breeds rare frogs to undermine animal traff

    COLOMBIA In a small farmhouse surrounded by cloud forest, Iván Lozano trade in rare tropical frogs for years, risking his life and his checkbook to save the brightly colored, poisonous amphibians whose population in the

  • CFZ: Daily News: Minke whale washed up on Barra beach

    beach in the Western Isles. The animal had been found earlier by locals species in Europe named after a long-for True identity of imposter 'pigs camera in China: state Colombian breeds rare frogs to undermine animal

  • CFZ: Daily News: Spain alarmed by French bear's attacks on sheep

    released in the French Pyrenees has killed eight sheep in Spain, prompting emergency talks between the two Claverina is now roaming through the mountains of Navarre, having crossed from Béarn in south-western France. Spanish

  • CFZ: Daily News: Evolutionary backing found in analysis of mammalian v

    Monday, 20 May 2019 Evolutionary backing found in analysis of mammalian vertebrae Date: May 13, 2019 Source: New York University Differences in numbers of vertebrae are most extreme in mammals which do not rely on running and


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  • CFZ: Daily News: New move to ban shooting of hares in breeding season

    Wednesday, 15 May 2019 New move to ban shooting of hares in breeding season Experts warn numbers are collapsing 00 BST The nation’s deep affection for the hare, once a common sight in fields, is recorded in prose, pub names

  • CFZ: Daily News: Georgia DNR Asking You To Be On The Lookout for Argen

    (WTOC) - In March, we told you to be on the lookout for the Argentine black and white Tegu Lizard in Toombs and Tattnall counties. The species is not Tegu in the road in Collins. It had been hit by a car, but was still alive

  • CFZ: Daily News: Over 75 turtles rescued from east Arkansas wastewater

    Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Editor of HerpDigest, Turtles found in the filters/ tanks of waste water treatment plants is common all over the . Any artificial pond-for example Turtle Pond in Central Park, NYC, In Turtle Pond

  • CFZ: Daily News: Several small steps: Elephant calves caught on camera

    Thursday, 9 May 2019 Several small steps: Elephant calves caught on camera in (FFI) in Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains is giving us a privileged insight into the lives of the Asian elephants that roam through in one of the