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  • Weapons of the Romans Michel Feugère

    archaeological material; this project was largely successful, and led to the discovery of Roman military and material. One of the first reconstructions of a Roman war machine, made for Napoléon III, was donated by the Emperor

  • Full text of British journal of entomology and natural history

    Full text of British journal of entomology and natural history See other formats ISSN: 0952-7583 British Journal of ENTOMOLOGY and Natural History Volume 8 1995 Published by the British Entomological and Natural History Society

  • rate cut Archives - The Automatic Earth

    Debt Rattle June 29 2019 June 29, 2019 Posted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer at 10:09 am Finance Tagged with: Boeing, China, Deutsche, DMZ, Dreamliner, EU, India, Iran, rate cut, trade talks, Trump, Wall Street Salvador Dali Paranoiac

  • p | Horse Gait | Palladium

    suitable material, or to fit or adjust so as to move without giving Packing (n.) Any material used to pack, fill up, or make close. Packing (n.) elastic material inserted between the surfaces of a flange joint. Packing (n.)

  • User:Matthias Buchmeier/en-fi-c

    solid material) :: kakku cake {v} (to coat with a crust) :: kuorruttaa cake {v} (to form into a cake or mass) a material or fuel) :: lämpöarvo calorific value {n} (amount of energy available from an item of food when

  • THE SEAFARER’S WORD A Maritime Dictionary

    Angle of refraction: A deflection of direction of a wave or electromagnetic radiation due to its encountering a changed density of material. Angle of repose The natural slope that a loose pile of grain, sand, coal, etc will rest

  • Full text of The geography of Herodotus illustrated from modern r

    Rennell omits the geography of European and Asiatic Greece, Macedonia, Thrace, Aegypt, Aethiopia, and the isles When this mass of material had been sufficiently digested and classified, the whole had to be explained and

  • Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/IncidentArchive826 - 위키피디아

    '_noticeboard/In removing/changing material without explanations 96 Anti-Russian partisan behaviour in Russians in Estonia 97 85the material. So since I have no desire to break the 3RR-barrier on any of the articles I would appreciate if one 위키피디아 영어판

  • s | Sacraments | Eucharist

    a receptacle made of some kind of pliable material, as cloth, leather, and the like; a large pouch. Sack (n.) A measure of varying capacity, according to local usage and the substance. The American sack of salt is 215 pounds; the

  • ‘The anxiety of images: meanings and material objects’, in A. Lymberopoulou, ed., Images of the Byzantine World: Visions, Messages and Meanings. Studies presented to Leslie Brubaker (Farnham, 2011) 47- 56. Forthcoming The

  • Responses to Oliver Stone's Alexander | Macedonia (Ancient Kingdom) |

    Ottoman Macedonia Remarks on NGO Reports on Greece's Slav Macedonian Alexander the Great between Greece, Macedonia and the Liberal-Democratic Perspectives Population Shifts in Contemporary Greek Macedonia by Iakovos D.

  • Full text of Nature

    Full text of Nature See other formats :i!tfl: fMJBSniiHiliUHll lliiiiii iiiiiiil! 'l!m*l''tli!li]i{tlillli}''i»i ;ii!i!!f ii IV, mm. iiiliii^ 7 / iValur '■:.„„.] 5^>6VJ?. 7 h'4-i'l Nature A WEEKLY ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL OF

  • Karl Marx's A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy

    The entire material lies before me in the form of monographs, which were written not for publication but for self glass-cutter, it is a diamond and not a commodity. To be a use-value is evidently a necessary prerequisite of

  • User:Matthias Buchmeier/fr-en-m

    from Macedonia) Macédonienne {f} :: feminine noun of Macédonien macérat {m} :: macerate (macerated material) macération {f} :: maceration macéré [colloquial] :: pile (of money), hoard magot {m} :: a commercial agent

  • Full text of Annals of the Smithsonian Institution

    As I described in my 1997 reporr, this responsibility goes be- yond the important task of providing materials that are useful to teachers. The Smithsonian, as I mentioned, in the fall of 1996 forged a partnership with the

  • Others - Dining & Bar Tools - Kitchen, Dining & Bar - 60items | Rakute

    99 (¥3,132) 31 points Foil cutter (four pieces of blades) fs3gm (2) Shop can pile it up on the base at the age of a champagne tower! Shop supplies material Acrylic (16) Aluminum (3) Glass (22) Cotton (18) Rubber (4) See more

  • The Life of Ali Pacha of Janina , Vizier of Epirus | Macedonia (Ancien

    O separates Epirus from Macedonia and Thessaly. Pindus, so celebrated Pyrrhus, proclaimed king of Macedonia, lost that kingdom with the same Thus vani»hed the splendour of Epirus 10 I N I KUDl I ru)\ and Macedonia, till

  • User:Matthias Buchmeier/en-es-m

    fruit) :: macedonia {f} Macedonia {prop} / (ancient kingdom) :: Reino de Macedonia {m} of material that attracts some metals by magnetism) :: imán {m}, magnete {m} magnetar {n} (pulsar with an extremely

  • European Patent Bulletin 1983/18 - 유럽특허청

    1983/18 *^S3BE W j. i L/brarv ksN 0i7ß/öHfeth«q ue 1°-MAI1983 EPA-£ ER Bulletin europeeîEuropeanEuropäisches des brevetsPatent Bulletin Patentblatt SommaireContentsInhalt Demandes publiées 3Published 유럽특허청

  • Full text of Publishers' weekly

    the material that came to hand. One negative report, however, ex- presses the material for the plays is secured. The Hopeful Editor. Let us say the material for the plays is gathered, tho there is a scenario department at

  • Full text of The Trouser Press record guide

    On the principle that new material is better than old, I took the opportunity to prune entries that now seem trivial or hopelessly irrelevant, and to excise those in which I felt the writing, coverage and/or discographies were