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  • Full text of Book-auction records

    Moliere (French and English), 10 vols. Voltaire's Works. Coloured Costumes. i^sop's Fables. Robinson Crusoe(the French mainland is always visible from the several islands in ordinary clear weather) these bits of France

  • Full text of The Comprehensive Standard dictionary of the English lan

    Also a col¬ lection of 1,900 Foreign Phrases used in English literature and drawn from French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Spanish, etc. Regular Paper Edition, Size ins. high, 7 ]4 ins. wide, 3 ins. thick. Cloth, with thumb

  • Full text of Aero – Digest

    . Wright conquerors — 600 horse power, liquid cooled, u cylinder Vee type — power these fighters; put them through the in- tricate paces set by the leader in formation flying. Stromberg NA-Y60 carburetor, double barrel, two

  • Full text of Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute

    Bbitish Guiana: G. H. Hawtatne, Esq., ., Geobgetown. Bbitish Hondubas: Hon. J. H. Phillips, ., to establish a Beading Boom and Library, in which recent and authentic intelligence upon Colonial and Indian

  • Full text of The Technologist

    V PAGE French Colonial Products in the Palais de L' Industrie, Paris. By Cliff, a name for French lime- stone Cleghorn on India tea planta- tions 408 French colonial products . . 392 Fungi, esculent . . . 385 Furniture

  • Full text of Official catalogue of the New-York exhibition of the ind

    British Colonies: — British Guiana 186 Newfoundland 188 Prince Edward's Island : 190 11. Sweden and Norway 190 12. Mexico 191 18. Turkey 192 14. Hiyti 192 ASSOCIATION €f Jibttien td % |nkstrj of all Jfatimw, ORGANIZED IN NEW


    Full text of MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS; WITH OTHER SELECTED AND ABSTRACTED See other formats Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves

  • Full text of The Film Daily (Apr-Jun 1939)

    outstanding French and (Continued on Page 12) Retaliation by Unions Pictures) — April 4 Rialto Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs — in French Sam- uel Goldwyn star, also sailed Saturday on the French liner. FRANK DONOVAN.

  • Full text of Notes and queries

    Full text of Notes and queries See other formats Index Supplement to the Notes and Queries, with No. 134, July 21, 1394. NOTES AND QUERIES: V - * y A of Intercommunication FOR LITERARY MEN, GENERAL READERS, ETC. When found

  • Full text of Railway age gazette

    Y., 1163 Explosion at Ardmore, Oklahoma, 614, 703, 935 973 French Railways at French Lick, Ind., 844t, 854, 881t American Association of Railroad 1140t, 1145* French Bridge at Rouen, 564* Galveston Causeway Failure, 490t

  • Full text of Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies

    a boom, to 4 ASSOCIATION Oi ENGINEERING SOCIETIES. check the velocity of a boom was located between overfall and screen to prevent waves from Aboom was placed at the entrance of the waste-way to prevent ony [slight

  • Full text of Rudder

    The main power plant consists of two eight-cylinder, . Diesel engines, turning at 350 ., each direct connected to an electric generator. The current from these generators will drive a . electric motor

  • Ships and Shipping - Handbook - 1903 | Mast (Sailing) | Compass

    French, 20; United States, 18. The average death-rate of the world's shipping is about 4 per cent. and the birth 24, jib-boom; 25, flying jib-boom; 26, foremast; 27, mainmast; 28, mizzen-mast; 29, foretopmast; 30, maintopmast;

  • water-mama - definition and meaning

    noun In British Guiana, a water-sprite: a name given by the English colonists to mythical beings, supposed by the diadromous crane washerwoman bouget underset water-thermometer tide-wheel tide-gate t. h. w. milldam excavate

  • Full text of A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary Of The English L

    albuminuric a hybrid coined by the French physician Martin Solon (1795 and biol.) — Coined by the French physiologist Charles Richet (1850-1935) , coined by the French neurologist Pierre Marie (1 853-1940) fr. Gk. avap

  • Full text of Encyclopedia Britannica

    Full text of Encyclopedia Britannica See other formats THE ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA ELEVENTH EDITION FIRST edition, published in three volumes, 1768—1771. SECOND »> »» ten 1777— 1784. THIRD »> »? eighteen 1788— 1797.

  • The Gutenberg Webster's Unabridged Dictionary Section X, Y, and Z by P

    Search Search Upload enChange Language Sign In Join Home Saved Bestsellers Books Audiobooks Snapshots Magazines Documents Sheet Music 708 views 0 Up votes, mark as useful 0 Down votes, mark as not useful The Gutenberg Webster's

  • Sew | Shipwrecks | Ships

    a French frigate that ran L. AINSLEY IN 1 938 3 1 aground off the coast of He reports that ballast a French biplane that presumably crashed at sea in The cause of the sinking was not deter- Alice, French sailing vessel A

  • On This Day-Chronology Times | United Kingdom | The United States

    1515 King Francis I of France succeeds to the French throne. 1527 Croatian 1739 Bouvet Island is discovered by French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charles 1804 French rule ends in Haiti. Haiti becomes the first black republic and

  • The Seafaring Dictionary | Navies | Sailor

    The nal episode of that eventful year was a shelling by French Foreign Legion been French. During the early eighteenth century, Britain faced a Marine Royale (French Royal Navy) that had a superb aristocratic ofcer corps, a

  • 12 Ton Telescopic Boom Truck Crane Manual Hydraulic 12000KG Span 6600*

    and cylinder and the break of the boom caused byincorrect, improving the English, French, Spanishand we are ready to help you anytime! Submit Buying Request 12 Ton Telescopic Boom Truck Crane Manual Hydraulic 12000KG