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  • Guido Imbens | IDEAS/RePEc

    Mobile Phones and Mozambique Farmers: Less Asymmetric Information and More How do landowners learn about high-volume hydraulic fracturing? A survey of Eastern Ohio landowners in active or proposed drilling units, Energy

  • JEL Classification | IDEAS/RePEc

    from China, Economies, MDPI, Open Access Journal, vol. 5(1), pages 1-15 Wind Profiles and Wave Spectra for Potential Wind Farms in South China Wind Profiles and Wave Spectra for Potential Wind Farms in South China Sea.


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    Hydraulic Deck Machinery Frank C Vibrans, Jr. and Kurt Brut finger Types of Fishing Vessels Power for Deck Machinery Hydraulic Transmission 407 Hydraulic Deck Machinery 410 Fish Keeping on Small Craft . . .415

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  • 2005_12 | Iron Ore | Mining

    and hydraulic shovels, or backhoes, or wheel loaders; examination of in Mozambique is currently anticipated for completion in late September 2006 demand most notably in China. Industry analysts forecast tightness in the

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