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  • here - Overlawyered

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  • Ad Hoc and Inadequate

    The IDCs are not designed for long-term detention, but many of the detainees are held there for years. The Thai very long periods of detention. A Nepalese refugee in one IDC told Human Rights Watch that although UNHCR

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  • Free as in Freedom (): Richard Stallman and the Free Software Revol

    articulate durable, scalable ideas, how to beat the system at its own game. On all counts, I would argue that How long ago had it been that the staff members at the AI Lab had welcomed the new printer with open arms? Stallman

  • Big power plays by Rothschilds, Rockellers leave Putin on the defensiv

    [/restrict] 1,652 Comments sierra Hey…#1 Sierra June 24, 2014Log in to Reply calmchris Namaste my friends! June 24, 2014Log in to Reply accuchip 3 June 24, 2014Log in to Reply onetvjak 4 June 24, 2014Log in to Reply food2 .

  • May 22 - Overlawyered

    off long enough ago to grow to the sky through the miracle of compound C-Log, Junkyard Blog, Now You Listen to Me Little Missy, and many others, as well as the links page of premier Cathblogger Amy Welborn. (DURABLE LINK)

  • Article Archive | GlobalCapital's Bank Finance service | GlobalCapital

    a long shot, and there are plenty of other ways to promote the market. 21 Feb 2017 French borrowers shrug off OAT volatility as EFSF grabs €5bn from Norway’s DNB Bank on Monday, spying a rare chance to pick up good returns 아시아머니

  • A West Coast State of Mind - Kunstler

    Clusterfuck Nation For your reading pleasure Mondays and Fridays Support this blog by visiting Jim’s Patreon Page Driving south on I-5 into Seattle, the Cascadia Subduction Zone came to mind, especially when the highway dipped into a gloomy tunnel beneath Seattle’s relatively new skyscraper district. This fault line runs along the Pacific coast

  • Amiga Computing Issue 091 1995 Oct

    There are two versions up for grabs — MM Expérience and MM Expérience Pro. The former is aimed at home users aüowing the combination of graphies, animations, music moduies. text. sound samples and CDXL video into standaione

  • The Real Frank Zappa Book

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  • The Canneries, Cabins and Caches

    My first experience with Bristol Bay log trapping cabins occurred in 1969 when I spent a couple of weeks with These many years have generously accorded me the knowledge, practical experiences, a network of life-long local

  • Greening the Continent

    next long- term development cycle; ■ persistent instabilities in the introduced long ago, which could have prevent- ed the 2007– 8 financial century-long decline in real prices of natural resources ended in 2000 - 2002

  • Australia's Ever-Changing Forests II

    In one way or another, all the papers reflected a common thread, that today's forests are the result of a long The meeting of these disciplines is essential for the long term protection and management of our precious forest

  • May 22, 2002 - Overlawyered

    (DURABLE LINK) October 30-31 — Deflating Spitzer’s crusade. Long but incisive article by Michael Lewis challenging the much-bruited notion that Wall Street skullduggery was mainly responsible for the boom and bust in tech

  • Nov. 1-3 - Overlawyered

    (DURABLE LINK) November 8-10 — Welcome Weekly Standard readers. The fireplace log makers, claiming their products emit toxic fumes when burned“Smoker’s suit nixed in Norway“, Dec. 18-19, 2000; “They call it

  • Shlomo Sand on Zionism, post-Zionism, and the two-state solution – Mo

    Log in to Reply Woody Tanaka on December 13, 2012, 12:15 pm “Nazism within fixed German borders would have died Advertising Log in to Reply Log in to Reply Log in to Reply Log in to Reply Log in to Reply Log in to Reply Log

  • Chapter 3 final long August 18 with inputs from all clean (1).docx

    Nevertheless, after a long period of relative neglect, economic inequality been long-standing and have related, for example, to Kuznets’s well movements, long-standing norms and attitudes affecting the degree in

  • Issue 093 Sep – Oct 2008 | Issue | New Zealand Geographic

    infinitely long slab, which is then cut into beams of the required You may have heard of Razza, the notorious Norway rat deliberately let loose and grabs, sick and rad, all within the grandstand view from the cafe. But the

  • Staying Classy | Slate Star Codex

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  • Brown Corpus list (Excel)

    755 LONG 753 GET 749 BETWEEN 730 BOTH 729 BEING 710 UNDER 710 LIFE 709 DAY 703 YEAR 700 NEVER 698 ANOTHER 689 SAME 685 KNOW 682 WHILE 679 LAST 675 US 671 MIGHT 669 GREAT 665 OLD 657 OFF 637 COME 630 SINCE 628 GO 627 AGAINST 626

  • 10 Free Chart Scripts - Webtecker

    Phillip Long June 14, 2008 Forget not the google chart API! Its made of WIN! Head On » Blog Archive » links for Sexe Cam en directe March 21, 2013 Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and